About the Good Vegan

Rachel the owner of The Good Vegan started her own plant based journey in 2014 when she became vegetarian.

She later on went fully plant based eliminating all dairy and eggs from her diet. The Good Vegan was inspired through her journey and her dream of making it easier for those who wanted to be kind to animals.

She started The Good Vegan in 2016 with the desire to make vegan food alternatives more available to those who were making this journey their way of life.

Rachel is also passionate about the environment and seeks to grow her own produce such as vegetables and herbs, as well as caring for the bees and treading lightly on the earth.

Cheeky Beaks Rescue

Being an avid animal lover a portion of all proceeds will go to Cheeky Beaks Rescue Centre, as being kind to every kind is the reason why we are all here.