Flame Grilled Tender Fillets Moroccan flavour 250g


Vegan based chicken tender alternative-Moroccan style

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On the Greenside Moroccan Flavoured Flame Grilled Tender Fillets are protein packed with a blend of plant-based ingredients and flavours to create an authentic chicken alternative. 


Multi-protein Source

Gluten Free

GMO Free

These succulent tender fillets are perfect to use in any chicken-style dish such as curries, on fresh salads, on pizza, in pasta, tacos, stir-fries, southern style deep fried or on their own.


Water, multi-protein blend 25% (Soy protein, fava bean protein, pea protein, lentil flour, chickpea flour), vegetable oil (Canola), garlic, salt, yeast extract, flavouring, black pepper, rosemary extract.

Allergens: This product contains soya. This product is made in a facility that uses tree nuts. This product contains proteins from legumes (pea, chickpea, lentil).

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