Refunds & Returns Policy

Please contact Rachel at if you have any queries about refunds on

spoiled and or damaged products


If you would like to return a product:


We will gladly accept returns based upon the following conditions namely:-

·         Product is still in its original packaging – we don’t accept opened goods.

·         Courier fees or transport fees to The Good Vegan will be for your account.

If returning goods for any particular reason please take note this MUST be done within 7

(Seven) working days of having received the products via delivery or collection

Failure to return goods within this time line disallows the refunds policy in place

( The Good Vegan will not be held liable for incorrect product storage)


If the product is spoiled:

 Please keep the product in its original packaging and let us know  within 7 (Seven) working days

so that we can rectify the situation


If the product was damaged in transit:

 We do apologise if your product was delivered to you damaged. Please send us photos to help

our packing team to improve their packaging skills.

(Kindly note that The Good Vegan does take photos of product packaging before delivery)


Thank you for your kind support & co-operation


Team Vegan